Tomorrow is the day! I’m going to start doing some from home! The classes are focused on the pelvic floor and the core (rhymes). 

Before having Milo I had zero issues with my pelvic floor. I was told I had almost Olympic strength pelvic floor muscles! 🏋🏼‍♀️ 

I wasn’t worried about having postpartum issues. I had a pretty normal birth experience. Don’t get me wrong, it sucked and I had tearing, swelling, and didn’t feel back to normal for a long ass time. WAY longer than 6 weeks! 

After recovering I didn’t notice any issues until about 18 months postpartum. First it was a sneeze and leak, then it was a TikTok dance and a leak. Then came the horrible lower back pain. 

Think about a sprained ankle. If you don’t do the proper rehab, even though you are “recovered” and you can walk again, over time issues start to arise. Stiffness, tightness, pain, etc. Then you start compensating for your bad ankle and issues start to arise in your knee or other random places you never previously injured. 


After just learning to breathe into my pelvic floor and relax my muscles, my lower back pain is almost non-existent. 

Now I’m ready to do more with the help of @drallicain and 

They have a Black Friday sale on this week. 50% off your one time payment to be a life long member! 

If you’re interested in joining me in this postpartum rehab journey, click the link in my bio ♥️ 
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Tomorrow is the day! I’m...

The Mom Room Podcast 🎙

EP37. Renee has an honest chat with sleep and wellness consultant, Angela Bueno (@nurtureevesleep). Topics include: the difference between your baby BEING independent and ACTING independent; emotional regulation or \"self-soothing\"; attachment; validating a mother\'s instincts, and; so much more. 

There is a lot of pressure to get your baby sleeping through the night now a days. Angela is all about doing what is best for YOUR family and not letting other people decide what is a problem for you. Nurture Eve Sleep offers sleep support that focuses on connection and validates your instincts. #themomroompodcast

The Mom Room Podcast 🎙...

We had such a rough morning with Milo today. He was having a hard time. The biggest meltdown happened after his granola bar broke in half. You would have thought someone just told him he could never see Buzz or Woody again. That was the level of meltdown. 

I tried to fix everything by offering him a new granola bar. Just when I thought everything would be okay, that one broke too. Cue an even worse meltdown. I felt bad because clearly that was very upsetting for him. 

When he calmed down we went for a walk (him being constrained in a stroller was appealing). After our walk we decided to go for a car ride to McDonalds and get lunch. He watched Paw Patrol on our way there. 

I handed him french fries on the drive home. He was so happy. And it was at that moment that I realized why they call it a “Happy Meal”. 🍟 @mcdonaldscanada ————— 

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We had such a rough...

Prior to me hitting record Milo was NOT having his socks and shoes. I thought he was gonna have to go barefoot. But, the recording and all the options to make him feel like he was in control really helped! 😃 my first #winning toddler life IGTV!

Prior to me hitting record...

Teeth brushing has gone through so many phases. Went well for a while, wouldn’t do it for a while, now he’s obsessed with toothpaste... 🤦🏼‍♀️ #momcomedy #honestmom #toddlermom #parentingtips #toddlers #toddlersofinstagram #tiredmomsbelike #toddlerlife #parentingishard #momsbelike #tiktok #parentsbelike #momhumour #momhumor #funnymoms #parentingmeme #momprobs #bloggermom #sarcasticmom #momsbelike #mommeme #funnymoms #motherhood #momtruths #momstruggles #parentinghumour #parentsbelike #parentingmeme #parenting101 #myhonestmotherhood

Teeth brushing has gone through...

Episode #35. Renee chats with pediatric physiotherapist, Jennifer Halfin about all things physical development. They discuss the physical development milestone ranges (the ranges are huge by the way), tips for helping your little one to master certain skills, and playground safety. Milestones can be a very stressful part of parenting but, it doesn\'t have to be. We hope the information in this episode will be educational for parents and decrease any stress they may have around common physical milestones like sitting up, crawling, and walking.  @torontokidsphysio #themomroompodcast

Episode #35. Renee chats with...

And that is a fact. 😁 @gocleanco 

#momcomedy #honestmom #toddlermom #parentingtips #torontomoms #toddlersofinstagram #tiredmomsbelike #toddlerlife #parentingishard #momsbelike #tiktok #parentsbelike #momhumour #momhumor #funnymoms #parentingmeme #momprobs #bloggermom #sarcasticmom #momsbelike #mommeme #funnymoms #motherhood #momtruths #momstruggles #parentinghumour #parentsbelike #parentingmeme #parenting101 #myhonestmotherhood

And that is a fact....

Dear people who think the decision to have children should be based solely on whether you ENJOY playing with kids... #momcomedy #honestmom #toddlermom #parentingtips #torontomoms #toddlersofinstagram #tiredmomsbelike #toddlerlife #parentingishard #momsbelike #tiktok #parentsbelike #momhumour #momhumor #funnymoms #parentingmeme #momprobs #bloggermom #sarcasticmom #momsbelike #mommeme #funnymoms #motherhood #momtruths #momstruggles #parentinghumour #parentsbelike #parentingmeme #parenting101 #myhonestmotherhood

Dear people who think the...

Feeding a Toddler: Our Secret Weapon

Many times we have made what we think is something Milo will love and within seconds he throws it on the floor. Talk about rude.

When our son, Milo, started eating solids we had a bunch of new things to think about (and worry about). And let’s be honest, the last thing new parents need is one more thing to worry about. I know we are not alone in the struggles of feeding a toddler as the most common questions I get from other moms are about what we feed Milo, and what is that powder we put in his smoothies?

We typically offer Milo whatever it is that we are eating for any given meal. It sounds so easy, right? Unfortunately, the reality is that toddlers are unpredictable when it comes to what they will eat. Many times we have made what we think is something Milo will love and within seconds he throws it on the floor. Talk about rude. We then scramble trying to find things to offer him that he will eat. The last thing we want is for him to go hungry, so we would become desperate. He can gobble up one thing on Monday and refuse that same thing on Wednesday. Like I said, unpredictable.

These “picky eater” days used to stress me out because I would worry that he wasn’t getting the nutrients he needed. This is where our secret weapon, Bebe Latte, comes in. I was ecstatic when I discovered this product. Bebe Latte is an organic and plant-based powder for babies 12 months to 24 months. There is no artificial flavouring, refined sugar, preservatives, or carrageenan. It is full of essential vitamins and nutrients and so easy to incorporate into your toddler’s diet. Some ingredients include coconut oil powder, hemp hearts powder, quinoa powder, ground flax seeds, and a bunch of other amazing stuff. 

While our family is not vegan or plant-based, we know that cow’s milk is not the best source of nutrition for our son (because he’s not a cow). We try to give him nutrient-rich solids, but there is never a guarantee that he will eat what we prepare. With Bebe Latte we no longer feel guilty on those days when Milo throws dinner on the floor and will only eat crackers, berries, and a leftover pancake. Knowing that at any time we can quickly whip up a nutrient-packed smoothie that Milo loves has given us peace of mind.

Of course, it’s not just those picky eater days that are stressful for parents. We have also found Bebe Latte to be extremely useful when Milo is sick and has little interest in food, on teething days when his gums are sore and solids are out of the question, when we are in a rush to leave the house and there is no time for a sit-down meal, and when we are travelling by car or plane. So, basically the most stressful times as a parent can be a little less stressful when you bust out the Bebe Latte.

Milo’s Favourite Bebe Latte Smoothie

  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 hand full of spinach
  • 6 frozen cherries
  • 2 cups of any plant-based milk (we use unsweetened)
  • 1-2 scoops of Bebe Latte

Tip: When our bananas are turning brown and I know we aren’t going to eat them before they expire, I peel and freeze them so they are ready to use.

Click here to order your Bebe Latte or Kiddo Latte!

Follow The Latte Co. on Social Media: 

Instagram: @the_latte_co

Facebook: @thelatteco

XOXO Renee Reina

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