Tomorrow is the day! I’m going to start doing some from home! The classes are focused on the pelvic floor and the core (rhymes). 

Before having Milo I had zero issues with my pelvic floor. I was told I had almost Olympic strength pelvic floor muscles! 🏋🏼‍♀️ 

I wasn’t worried about having postpartum issues. I had a pretty normal birth experience. Don’t get me wrong, it sucked and I had tearing, swelling, and didn’t feel back to normal for a long ass time. WAY longer than 6 weeks! 

After recovering I didn’t notice any issues until about 18 months postpartum. First it was a sneeze and leak, then it was a TikTok dance and a leak. Then came the horrible lower back pain. 

Think about a sprained ankle. If you don’t do the proper rehab, even though you are “recovered” and you can walk again, over time issues start to arise. Stiffness, tightness, pain, etc. Then you start compensating for your bad ankle and issues start to arise in your knee or other random places you never previously injured. 


After just learning to breathe into my pelvic floor and relax my muscles, my lower back pain is almost non-existent. 

Now I’m ready to do more with the help of @drallicain and 

They have a Black Friday sale on this week. 50% off your one time payment to be a life long member! 

If you’re interested in joining me in this postpartum rehab journey, click the link in my bio ♥️ 
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Tomorrow is the day! I’m...

The Mom Room Podcast 🎙

EP37. Renee has an honest chat with sleep and wellness consultant, Angela Bueno (@nurtureevesleep). Topics include: the difference between your baby BEING independent and ACTING independent; emotional regulation or \"self-soothing\"; attachment; validating a mother\'s instincts, and; so much more. 

There is a lot of pressure to get your baby sleeping through the night now a days. Angela is all about doing what is best for YOUR family and not letting other people decide what is a problem for you. Nurture Eve Sleep offers sleep support that focuses on connection and validates your instincts. #themomroompodcast

The Mom Room Podcast 🎙...

We had such a rough morning with Milo today. He was having a hard time. The biggest meltdown happened after his granola bar broke in half. You would have thought someone just told him he could never see Buzz or Woody again. That was the level of meltdown. 

I tried to fix everything by offering him a new granola bar. Just when I thought everything would be okay, that one broke too. Cue an even worse meltdown. I felt bad because clearly that was very upsetting for him. 

When he calmed down we went for a walk (him being constrained in a stroller was appealing). After our walk we decided to go for a car ride to McDonalds and get lunch. He watched Paw Patrol on our way there. 

I handed him french fries on the drive home. He was so happy. And it was at that moment that I realized why they call it a “Happy Meal”. 🍟 @mcdonaldscanada ————— 

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We had such a rough...

Prior to me hitting record Milo was NOT having his socks and shoes. I thought he was gonna have to go barefoot. But, the recording and all the options to make him feel like he was in control really helped! 😃 my first #winning toddler life IGTV!

Prior to me hitting record...

Teeth brushing has gone through so many phases. Went well for a while, wouldn’t do it for a while, now he’s obsessed with toothpaste... 🤦🏼‍♀️ #momcomedy #honestmom #toddlermom #parentingtips #toddlers #toddlersofinstagram #tiredmomsbelike #toddlerlife #parentingishard #momsbelike #tiktok #parentsbelike #momhumour #momhumor #funnymoms #parentingmeme #momprobs #bloggermom #sarcasticmom #momsbelike #mommeme #funnymoms #motherhood #momtruths #momstruggles #parentinghumour #parentsbelike #parentingmeme #parenting101 #myhonestmotherhood

Teeth brushing has gone through...

Episode #35. Renee chats with pediatric physiotherapist, Jennifer Halfin about all things physical development. They discuss the physical development milestone ranges (the ranges are huge by the way), tips for helping your little one to master certain skills, and playground safety. Milestones can be a very stressful part of parenting but, it doesn\'t have to be. We hope the information in this episode will be educational for parents and decrease any stress they may have around common physical milestones like sitting up, crawling, and walking.  @torontokidsphysio #themomroompodcast

Episode #35. Renee chats with...

And that is a fact. 😁 @gocleanco 

#momcomedy #honestmom #toddlermom #parentingtips #torontomoms #toddlersofinstagram #tiredmomsbelike #toddlerlife #parentingishard #momsbelike #tiktok #parentsbelike #momhumour #momhumor #funnymoms #parentingmeme #momprobs #bloggermom #sarcasticmom #momsbelike #mommeme #funnymoms #motherhood #momtruths #momstruggles #parentinghumour #parentsbelike #parentingmeme #parenting101 #myhonestmotherhood

And that is a fact....

Dear people who think the decision to have children should be based solely on whether you ENJOY playing with kids... #momcomedy #honestmom #toddlermom #parentingtips #torontomoms #toddlersofinstagram #tiredmomsbelike #toddlerlife #parentingishard #momsbelike #tiktok #parentsbelike #momhumour #momhumor #funnymoms #parentingmeme #momprobs #bloggermom #sarcasticmom #momsbelike #mommeme #funnymoms #motherhood #momtruths #momstruggles #parentinghumour #parentsbelike #parentingmeme #parenting101 #myhonestmotherhood

Dear people who think the...

Mom Guilt: It’s like having an annoying roommate

I don’t think I ever understood what “mom guilt” meant until I experienced it for myself. Before I had Milo, I thought mom guilt was the kind of thing a mom would experience if their child got hurt while under their supervision, or, feeling upset when their child was ill, etc. Oh how silly I was. Now, don’t get me wrong, those situations SUCK, and you will feel horrible. But, if I’m being honest, mom guilt is almost a constant nagging in your mind. Like, if there is a little angel on one shoulder and a little devil on the other shoulder, mom guilt is like a god damn leech attached to your brain. There is ALWAYS something that you SHOULD be doing or doing BETTER. Meanwhile, your child is happy as a pig in shit, and you know you’re doing an awesome job but, the leech wants you to know that you COULD be doing better.

…mom guilt is like a god damn leech attached to your brain

Above I gave the examples of feeling guilty if your child gets hurt or when they are sick. But, I wanted to give some examples of the kind of mom guilt that I have noticed in myself. And while I may rationally know it’s all bullshit and I shouldn’t feel guilt… it doesn’t matter. It’s kind of like when you feel anxious even though you know everything is fine. Sometimes it’s out of your control. Perhaps you will relate to these guilt examples…

  • Example #1: The other day my husband came home from work and decided he wanted to cut the grass. I could care less if the grass was cut, but out he went. Milo had dinner while he was outside. The dogs barked at him the whole time. Kind of stressful. So, he comes inside and now it’s bath time for Milo. My husband brought Milo up to have a bath and I sat on the couch for maybe two minutes before the leech started sucking at my brain. Now I felt guilty for sitting on the couch while my husband brought Milo up for a bath because my husband hadn’t eaten dinner yet. But, he chose to cut the grass. He didn’t say he was hungry. He could have eaten before bringing Milo up, etc. But no. I couldn’t sit on the couch for five minutes because the leech is an asshole.

  • Example #2: Now that the weather is consistently nice, I always feel guilty if I don’t take Milo outside to play. Even on days where he is happy playing inside. I still feel like a piece of shit. No matter what we do inside, I cannot stop thinking to myself that we should be outside. And, we all know what a clusterfuck going outside can be with a toddler. I usually end up taking him out but, OMG, it’s exhausting. And don’t even get me started on the sun. Going outside means that I am constantly thinking about sunscreen. “When did I put on his sunscreen?” “I wonder if I should reapply?” “OMG the sun is directly on his neck!” “I should move his water table into the shade.” “He needs a bigger hat!” When did the sun become public enemy #1?

  • Example #3: Since we realized Milo is behind in the number of words he is saying, I feel like I should constantly be working on words with him. Rationally I know I can’t and shouldn’t be doing that, but that doesn’t matter. Mom guilt is not a rational thing. If I’m checking my email while he’s eating breakfast, I feel like garbage because I’m not interacting as much as I COULD be. If I’m trying to get the house somewhat tidy, I feel bad that he’s playing by himself. I certainly don’t think to myself “damn Renee, good job getting the house tidied up!” And, I know that independent play is important for children. I know this! But again, it doesn’t matter.

We’re just watching Toy Story on a sunny afternoon. We aren’t robbing a god damn bank.

Sometimes I wonder if mom guilt was a big deal “back in the day”. And by back in the day I mean, before social media. I would bet that the time spent looking at perfectly curated Instagram accounts is significantly (and positively – I’m a nerd) related to the degree of mom guilt one has. Friggin’ Karen is outside loving her life with her kids every day! Or at least that’s what her perfectly staged photos appear to be saying.

We are also inundated with information in today’s world. Your kids shouldn’t eat this. Your kids should eat this. Your kids should get this much structured play time. Your kids should get this much sleep. Your kids should get this much screen time. Your kids should BLAH BLAH BLAH. It’s information overload.

I am really trying to recognize when it is this useless emotion that is making me feel a certain way. It becomes a problem when it is keeping you from enjoying a moment with your babe or even a moment alone. Instead of focusing what I “SHOULD” be doing or not doing, I’m trying to focus on the positives. Like, no, we didn’t go outside today but, we read some more books and FaceTimed grandma. Yes, I am going to go for a long walk alone right now, but, Milo is going to play with Dad, and I’m going to get some much needed exercise.

The definition of “feeling guilty” is something along the lines of “a negative feeling because you think you have done or are doing something wrong.” Which, is crazy if you think about it. We’re just watching Toy Story on a sunny afternoon. We aren’t robbing a god damn bank.

XOXO Renee Reina

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  • Carmen
    June 22, 2020

    Thank you for putting into words EXACTLY how I feel all the time!

  • Kerri
    June 22, 2020

    The sun is so annoying! Lmao

  • Susan Grenon
    June 22, 2020

    Great blog! And as a Mom of adult children and a Grandma to the cutest little boy on earth 🙂 , the Mom guilt never seems to go away.

  • Alison
    June 23, 2020

    Yesssss! So true – I constantly feel like this.

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