Our Favourite Baby & Toddler Books

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Here are some of my family’s favourite baby and toddler books! Click the image of the book to check it out on Amazon!

One of my fave gifts to give expecting parents. When my husband reads this one to my son he says “Dad” instead of mom and it boils my blood.

My husband and I have both these books memorized. So does Milo! The artwork is so fun too!

When Milo was a really little baby we read these books all the time! So simple and entertaining for babes!

When Milo would be fussy in his carseat while I was driving, I would recite these lines! HAHA

I bought this book for my husband on Valentine’s Day before we were married. I thought I was cute. Now we read it to our son : )

From the same author/illustrator as the first two books. Love this books message!

Another one we read when Milo was a small baby. I have it memorized. There is a series of these ones!

This is a newer book and we read it almost every night. Milo has memorized the lines. It’s so cute and has a great message!

This one is fun to read. I like to really exaggerate the “BUT NOOOOOOOT” HAHA

It rhymes which makes it fun to read, and it’s such a cute message.

This was gifted to us when Milo was born. We still read it almost every night. Milo recites it. Such a cute book!

I mean, classic. I like to sing this one!

I love this book. I love that it shows a dad staying home and the mother working. I love that the dad has tattoos! Great book for toddlers!

This is a fairly new one for us and Milo has been requesting it lately. Great message and super cute illustrations.

Our favourite book at the moment. Milo has memorized the whole thing so now he reads it with us. The author also does the illustrations.

Beautiful message for young girls! I might pick up this one too!

We have this one. Highly recommend for young boys!

This is adorable. Goes through his family members and talks about all the different shades of brown of their skin.

Great book outlining all the different kinds of families. Amazing illustrations!

This is not a typical baby or toddler book. I bought this years ago (the author is from Sudbury) – Milo loves searching for the dog in all the photos!

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XOXO Renee Reina

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Our Favourite Baby & Toddler Books