My Favourite Toddler Things!

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I’m in the backseat of the car writing this blog post as an email to myself so I can copy and paste it into my blog website tonight! What dedication I have! It’s either I focus on writing this blog or my husbands driving… and, I thought I’d give him a little break from my backseat driving.

I’m super excited to share some of my favourite toddler products with you guys! Some of these are products we use everyday. They make life a bit easier. Some of these are products that I get asked about all the time. Some of these things are also splurges that have ended up being super handy! Hope you enjoy!


1. Headster Hats. 






Everybody loves these hats! I get asked about them all the time. They have the cutest patterns, they’re super good quality, and adjustable! Milo wears the size above infant. They provide measurements on the website so, you can measure your kids head and figure out which size would work best! We order right from their website! 

2. Marpac Dohm Sound Machine.

I would add this sound machine to any list of favourite things for anything or anyone that sleeps. I have been using this sound machine myself for years. 

This Marpac sound machine is NOT a speaker playing the audio of a fan. It actually makes the fan sound from the inside with some kind of motor-fan thingy. And, you can adjust the tone by turning the top and opening or closing the vents. It is phenomenal. I bring it everywhere with me… literally. Funny story: I was sleeping at my parents house a couple years ago and I guess my Dad had woken up to use the washroom could hear my sound machine (not knowing what it was). Turns out he was walking around the house in his underwear trying to figure out “what was on”. Woke up my Mom at 3am to tell her something “was on” in the house. My Mom was like “that’s Renee’s sound machine!” Now, if you read anything about babies and sleeping, you’ll see that a sound machine is highly recommended. Since Milo was born he has slept with this sound machine beside his bassinet and now crib. It is the best!   

3. Bebe Latte/Kiddo Latte by The Latte Co.

I am obsessed with this product! I put this powder in smoothies for Milo. You can also mix it with just water to make a milk-like substitute. It is plant based and FULL of nutrition. To read my blog about this product click HERE.

4. Thule Chariot. 

This would be considered a splurge. I am going to write a whole blog on strollers because they’re so expensive and I did so much freakin’ research on them before Milo was born. Milo was born in September, in Northern Ontario. So, I was going stir-crazy in the house during the winter months. I wanted to be able to walk on trails with Milo. Two of my friends had this Thule stroller which has different attachments: skis on the bottom to walk on snowy trails; a jogging wheel and; an attachment to pull it behind a bike. I used it SO much and still use it all the time. If we go to the park, I can load it up with everything we may need. If we go to the beach, I can load it up with everything we may need. I never have to carry anything. Not to mention its so easy to push on trails and uneven surfaces! It is great for cold weather because it comes with a plastic cover to block the wind OR block the rain. It allows me to walk with Milo even in shitty weather!

5. Nike slip on running shoes.

So stylish and so easy to slip on!! Enough said!

6. Honest hair detangler.

I have used a few different brands and I find the Honest one works best for Milo’s curly hair. I spray it on when his hair is wet and brush it out before I blow-dry it. I’ll have to do a whole blog on Milo’s hair because people seem very interested in it. 

7. Re-Play No Spill Sippy Cup and Utensils:

When I first saw the sippy cups at the local baby store in Sudbury (shout out to Jump!) I couldn’t figure out why they were so popular. I was told that these fly off the shelves. So, I bought one. There were other really cute options in the store (for a lot more money) so, naturally I bought one of the cute ones too (because I’m a sucker). Well, turns out the cute one collects dust in our cupboard and I went back to the store to buy a second Re-Play cup. These cups have a removable silicone piece that fits into the lid making it spill-proof!! So, you can fill it with water and put it in your diaper bag or let your babe hold and play with. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough to convince you, these are made from 100% recycled material in the USA. They also have bowls, plates, snack containers, and amazing utensils!

8. Kyte Baby sleep bag.

Sleep bags, or fart sacks, as my Mom calls them, are similar to baby PJs in that there are so many brands out there and you think it shouldn’t matter which one you get… they’re all the same… right? NO!! They are not all the same. Some sleep bags have the snaps above the shoulders and some have just arm holes that you have to get your babes arm through. Well, if it just has the arm holes, be aware that if the material is not stretchy, it is going to be a real b*tch to get their arms in (these Kyte Baby ones are super soft and stretchy). The material of the sleep bag matters. Think of it like your comforter or duvet. How warm or cool is it? Is it thick? Heavy? Depending on the temperature in your babes room, you will have to get a sleep bag with an appropriate TOG. Yes, TOG. Have you seen this acronym on the sleep bag tags? Like me, did you say to yourself “wtf does TOG mean?” Well, thanks to Google, I can tell you that it represents the “warmth” of a product. So, if your babes room is warm, then get a lower TOG sleep bag. If your babes room is cool, get a higher TOG sleep bag. If you look up the brand of sleep bag, they should have a table with the TOG and temperatures. So scientific! Next up is zippers. I’ve realized I have a thing about zipper quality. To be honest I’ve had trouble with zippers on all our sleep bags (Kyte included). They need to use thick sturdy zippers!!! 

9. Disney+.

I mean, I don’t think I have to explain this one. They have all the Toy Story’s.

10. Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diapers:

I’m not even sure why other diapers exist. When Milo was a newborn we tried a few brands of diapers. Other than Huggies, we didn’t like any of them. Huggies have been our go-to! I have some friends who swear by other brands, but, I just can’t understand it. When we tried other brands I was so annoyed with the feel of them, the fit, and the velcro little strappy things at the sides were not sticky enough! I had a hard time with that last point. How do you describe doing up diapers at the side? What do you call the little velcro-like things? When Milo was just a little blob that didn’t move, we used the regular diapers that you seal yourself at the sides. Well, when Milo started moving like a bat outta hell, we came across these slip-on Huggies. #lifechanging. The slip-ons make it so easy to put a diaper on a busy-body toddler. Milo can be crawling away and I can still wriggle them on. He can be standing up playing with toys and I can slip them on. It has relieved so much stress in the changing diapers category of our lives. And, not to worry, when you want to take off the diaper, you can still undo the velcro strappy things at the side. Similarly, if you want to tighten the diaper or loosen it, you can undo the sides and re-adjust. But, I recommend just leaving it alone and moving on with your life. You need these diapers!!! 

11. Ingenuity booster seat.

We used this chair so much in quarantine and we bring it on trips (when we’re driving somewhere). It had straps you can use to secure it to an adult chair. It it easy to clean. Did you hear that? EASY TO CLEAN! 




12. PC Organics meals.

These are like the toddler equivalent of a food pouch. They are SO handy to have when you’re in a rush OR your toddler throws what you made for dinner on the floor. Heat them up quickly and that’s it! They have awesome recipes too. Milo loves the paella and the moussaka. They are PC Organics which I think is only in Canada.  



13. Water table.

Literally any water table! If it has an option where water can be continuously running then get that one and save yourself the agony of pouring water over and over for your toddler. 

14. Wee Woollies pyjamas.

I bought these at a HUGE craft show in Toronto last year. They were so cute and it was a splurge for pyjamas. But, it was Christmas time and I bought them in 3T so he could wear them for a long time. They are made with wool (which you would think makes them really hot but, they are warm when they need to be and cool when they need to be). I love these so much. Amazing quality! Also great to wear under snowsuits in the winter as they are warm but breathe!

15. Paper plain t-shirts and sweatshirts.

The coolest t-shirts and sweatshirts! 

16. iPad holder for the car.

Lots of people ask me what is holding up the iPad in our car. This is it! Super handy!

17. EzPz meal mat.

We use this every night for dinner. Its super easy to clean and because its a mat he can’t just throw it on the ground. Super helpful with toddlers. 



18. Wet One’s hand wipes.

I used to buy all the organic wipes. But, with the pandemic going on, I’ve switched to antibacterial wipes. These are awesome to keep in the car, keep in the diaper bag, and keep in the house!



19. SkipHop no-spill snack cup.

This is amazing! Throw some Cheerios or Goldfish in there and they’re all set. Milo carries this around the house snacking. He has it in the car or on walks in the stroller. They have to put their hand through these soft plastic flaps to get to the food. So, if they drop it, nothing spills out. GENIUS!


20. Little People.

Milo was OBSESSED with all the Little People (especially the Toy Story ones) for a long time. He brought them everywhere! Highly recommend! 



21. iPad or similar tablet.

For Milo’s birthday this year, I think we are going to get him a kid friendly tablet to download all his shows on. Once he’s old enough he can play games or whatever. If you’ve read my blog on screens (CLICK HERE), you know how I feel about them. This one specifically is in a thick childproof case!


I hope you found this list and mini-rants helpful in your search for the best toddler products! 

XOXO Renee Reina

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