I am planning on sharing more about this past week eventually. Hopefully for Tuesday’s podcast episode. 

As I have shared about our sleep issues this week in my stories, so many of you have reached out saying you can relate to everything I’m going through and how I’m feeling.

Social media is funny because, people often feel validated and “normal” when  they read my posts and watch my stories... but, you guys make me feel validated and “normal” too when you share your stories in the comments and in DMs to me. It means so much ❤️

I am planning on sharing...

We’ll let you know 👍🏼

We’ll let you know 👍🏼

Why does dinner exist?

Why does dinner exist?

Every time I do something like this... (get in the bath tub with Milo when he’s refusing to get in) I can feel people rolling their eyes at me. 

I think people see me do these things and assume I’m doing it FOR MILO. I’m not. I’m doing it for my husband and I. We choose our battles. I know people assume if you do something like this, your child will expect it and you’ll be getting in the tub every night. That hasn’t been our experience with Milo. 

So, if he’s having an “off-night” and doesn’t want to get in the tub and me getting in with him makes it fun for him and he happily gets in, then I’m doing it. 

As someone who doesn’t feel like showering every day, I can relate to not wanting to get in the tub. 

I asked my husband to wash me too... he said no. 😞

Every time I do something...

Feelin’ hawt today. Sike. (Do we still say sike?)

Feelin’ hawt today. Sike. (Do...

The Mom Room Podcast: Episode 65 

Myths vs. Facts with @mommy.labornurse 

Liesel Teen (@mommy.labornurse) tells us about her birth experiences, how and why she started Mommy Labor Nurse, and sets the record straight about some of the most common pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum myths!

The Mom Room Podcast: Episode...

Genuinely curious.

Genuinely curious.

What a fun game! You just need a small nail clipper and two players. It’s the funnest if one player doesn’t have a fully developed prefrontal cortex! So many people tell me to cut his nails while he sleeps. I am just not that brave. I can barely breathe when he’s sleeping because I don’t want him to wake up.

What a fun game! You...

Oh Yeah, I’ve Been Living in a Pandemic for a Year.

I started my Master’s program in September of 2008. Almost a year ago, in March of 2020, I defended my PhD dissertation and “graduated”. I write graduated in quotations because I never had an actual graduation. The whole thing was very anti-climactic. Sometimes I forget that I have my PhD and that I actually finished the program. Days after I defended, Ontario went into a full blown quarantine. Congratulations on finishing your PhD! You get to live in house jail with your toddler. 

Congratulations on finishing your PhD! You get to live in house jail with your toddler.

It’s funny because when we were in that first quarantine that lasted about 5 months, I remember thinking how when daycares open back up and life is back to normal, I would be so thankful to have had these months at home with Milo. And it’s true. Some days were really hard. Some days were really great. I still have cognitive dissonance when I think about it. While it was difficult and exhausting and I just wished it would end, it was also such a unique experience that we will never have again. I will never be home alone for 5 months with an 18-month old Milo. 

For weeks now, I find myself getting into “blah moods”. I don’t know how to describe what this mood feels like. It’s a bunch of feelings and emotions all at once and it kinda freezes me. I feel restless, irritated, bored, tired, 


My patience cup rarely reaches capacity but, when it does, I will f*cking throw it at you!



XOXO Renee Reina

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Diary of a Sleep Clusterf*ck… (also known as a sleep regression)
Oh Yeah, I’ve Been Living in a Pandemic for a Year.