I am planning on sharing more about this past week eventually. Hopefully for Tuesday’s podcast episode. 

As I have shared about our sleep issues this week in my stories, so many of you have reached out saying you can relate to everything I’m going through and how I’m feeling.

Social media is funny because, people often feel validated and “normal” when  they read my posts and watch my stories... but, you guys make me feel validated and “normal” too when you share your stories in the comments and in DMs to me. It means so much ❤️

I am planning on sharing...

We’ll let you know 👍🏼

We’ll let you know 👍🏼

Why does dinner exist?

Why does dinner exist?

Every time I do something like this... (get in the bath tub with Milo when he’s refusing to get in) I can feel people rolling their eyes at me. 

I think people see me do these things and assume I’m doing it FOR MILO. I’m not. I’m doing it for my husband and I. We choose our battles. I know people assume if you do something like this, your child will expect it and you’ll be getting in the tub every night. That hasn’t been our experience with Milo. 

So, if he’s having an “off-night” and doesn’t want to get in the tub and me getting in with him makes it fun for him and he happily gets in, then I’m doing it. 

As someone who doesn’t feel like showering every day, I can relate to not wanting to get in the tub. 

I asked my husband to wash me too... he said no. 😞

Every time I do something...

Feelin’ hawt today. Sike. (Do we still say sike?)

Feelin’ hawt today. Sike. (Do...

The Mom Room Podcast: Episode 65 

Myths vs. Facts with @mommy.labornurse 

Liesel Teen (@mommy.labornurse) tells us about her birth experiences, how and why she started Mommy Labor Nurse, and sets the record straight about some of the most common pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum myths!

The Mom Room Podcast: Episode...

Genuinely curious.

Genuinely curious.

What a fun game! You just need a small nail clipper and two players. It’s the funnest if one player doesn’t have a fully developed prefrontal cortex! So many people tell me to cut his nails while he sleeps. I am just not that brave. I can barely breathe when he’s sleeping because I don’t want him to wake up.

What a fun game! You...

Renee Reina’s Random Q&A

Okay. Here we go. Welcome to my first random Q & A! In my Instagram stories I asked you guys to send me ANY question you wanted me to answer and I picked from those for this week’s post. There were such gems that I think I will also record a podcast episode about some of these topics! I love it! So, here we go…

Q1: How did you and your husband meet?

My husband and I met on PLENTY OF FISH! That’s right! He messaged me asking what my PhD was in. We chatted for a while and for our first date we went to dinner and a comedy show. Our first date was in October 2012! That’s right when I started my PhD. Which is insane because I just finished my PhD! I did create and birth a child in there too, but still. I give lots more details about our first date on the trailer of the podcast (coming out this week). I talked about it because people always ask me that question.

Q2: What is your area of specialty in psychology?

My PhD is in Experimental Psychology. So, what that means is that I am a research scientist as opposed to a clinician that delivers therapy. My area of research is very clinical based. My supervisor is a clinical psychologist. When I started with him, he was a clinician and researcher at an eating disorders program. My Master’s research was all about binge eating disorder (BED) and the health care costs associated with it. Individuals with BED have high rates of obesity and depression which are both major burden on the individual and also the health care system. My PhD was focused on evaluating the efficacy of psychotherapy for eating disorders. So, I basically took all the research (the high quality research) that has been done on psychotherapy for eating disorders and I combined all the effect sizes (TURBO NERD STUFF AND IT TOOK YEARS!!!!). Then, with all the data (I’m talking massive databases), I compared outcomes between psychotherapy and no treatment, psychotherapy and other treatments (like self-help, etc.), and cognitive behavioural therapy and other kinds of psychotherapies. I wrote over 200 pages for my dissertation but… long story short… psychotherapy is effective and no one psychotherapy stands out over another.

I also did super cool training in attachment, defense mechanisms, and reflective functioning which I talk about in this weeks podcast episode also!

Q3: Did you find out Milo’s sex or keep it a secret?

This is a funny story. I am super type-A, so, I had to know the sex before Milo was born so I could prepare everything. I know some people just do gender neutral baby stuff and that’s fine. I am not a fan of really gender specific toys and TV shows, etc. But, I do enjoy some cute gender specific clothes and accessories. I feel like that is a whole sensitive topic I don’t want to get into but, at the end of the day, I wanted to buy some clothes from either the baby girl side of stores or the baby boy side of the stores. Dressing Milo is one of my greatest joys… which is pathetic as I type that out. But, it’s true. I clearly don’t spend time dressing myself. And, if he gets older and wants to wear pink or a Elsa t-shirt, that is fine by me.

That went way off track. We wanted to know the sex and I wanted to do a small gender reveal party with family. I had sent out invites for a party that was going to be the day after my ultrasound to find out the sex. So, of course Milo was in the uterus covering his genitals THE ENTIRE ultrasound. The poor tech kept me so long and had me do crazy positions in the hallway, go upside down… it was insane. But, he didn’t move. I was so devastated because I had a party planned the next day. AND, my sister had ordered two big balloons that were full of confetti. One was pink and one was blue. She was the only one who would know the sex. Each balloon was almost $50 and Milo wouldn’t show us what was going on down there.

My sister was determined to know the sex. She called private ultrasound clinics to see if anyone would take me Saturday morning before the party. HAHAHA. Finally, a woman answered her phone and my sister told her the whole story. She had one of her assistants meet me at the ultrasound place Saturday morning. So LUCKY! I ate a cupcake and chugged a pop (soda for my American friends) on the way. She literally put the ultrasound wand to my belly for TWO SECONDS and said she knew the sex. HALLELUJAH! My husband hadn’t even walked in yet from parking the car. That’s how fast it was.

Q4: Favourite Wiggle’s song?

I mean, this is probably the most difficult question to answer. Initially I was a huge Propeller fan. Like, huge! And now I’m really into Skeleton Scat and Mumbles the Monster, and There Are So Many Animals.  

Q5: Where are your t-shirts from?

Over the last couple years I got really into t-shirts. Probably because that’s all I was wearing. Most of my t-shirts are from Urban Outfitters (Peppa Pig, Nirvana, DRAKE; pro-tip: shop in men’s graphic t-shirts). I wear a medium. I have a bunch of concert t-shirts also (Shawn Mendes, Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry, Chris Brown, Jonas Brothers). My Hanson t-shirt with “Nirvana” under the picture is from Etsy.

Q6: Are my eyebrows microbladed?

Yes! I get an unbelievable number of comments on my eyebrows from both Instagram and TikTok! It’s crazy. I did something called Ombré Powder brows. I think it’s a softer version of microblading. It is more blended so it works better for people with light hair and fair skin. It isn’t as harsh. I had mine done by Pretty In The City in Toronto. I researched where to have them done forever! She is the best in Toronto. I did one initial appointment and then a follow-up 8 weeks later for her to touch them up. It didn’t hurt until near the end. It feels similar to a tattoo by the end. I’m so happy I did it! Makes a HUGE difference. It was pricey. I think it was around $750 (Canadian).

XOXO Renee Reina

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  • Jenna
    June 29, 2020

    Hahahaha my son immediately cries if mumbles the monster comes on so we have to fast forward that part of the show. Also cries if Zamel the camel shows up (I get this he’s strange).

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